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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a bay area hospital issues a warning, it says this woman has been masquerading as a nurse. good evening, frank somerville is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. officials say she wore scrubs, carried a stethoscope, even had an id badge. new details tonight from amber lee. she tells us a facebook posting led to the woman's arrest.
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amber? >> reporter: julie, the sheriff's department tells us, the woman accused of impersonating the nurse was arrested at this parking lot behind valley medical center. investigators are still looking at why she did it, and for how long. >> 29-year-old crystal cook of felton is facing two charges of impersonating a county employee, and possessing a fake hospital id card. because the charges are misdemeanors, she was released not long after she was arrested friday. >> looks very familiar to me. >> we showed the hospital worker this photo of cook. >> when was the last time you saw her? >> i don't know exactly the time, but the face is very familiar. >> several times? >> i have seen this face. you see the face, and you remember. that's what i think i have seen her face. >> reporter: valley medical center says an employee with cal star, an air ambulance service alerted the hospital thursday afternoon, after seeing cook's postings on
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facebook, claiming to be a hospital employee. >> one of her claims on facebook, that she was part of a pediatric heart transplant procedure, which is totally made up. we don't do them here. >> reporter: the type of id card cook had on her wouldn't have allowed her into critical areas. >> what if should be asked her for medication, and she could have given them the wrong medication. >> reporter: she wants the hospital to improve its security. >> i'm very worried. something could happen to a patient. it's going to be her responsibility, and i don't even know what she did, or didn't do. >> reporter: that's one of many questions they want answered. investigators are now going through surveillance video. >> was she trying to steal something at bmc? we just don't know. >> reporter: valley medical center tells us, it has sent out an alert about cook to all santa clara valley hospitals.
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one has called me back to confirm it did receive the email. reporting live in san jose, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. new at 10:00, the federal highway administration has given the green light to a temporary fix for those broken bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. federal officials say they reviewed the plan to use shims for a temporary fix, and have concluded it will provide adequate seismic safety, until a permanent fix is completed in december. that means officials could open the bridge sooner, rather than labor. the initial plan called for a labor day opening. but that's just three weeks away. this latest finding is to be presented to the toll bridge oversight committee this week. it will decide when the bridge opens. officials plan to turn on all of the lights on the eastern span bridge tomorrow night. take a look. this is a live image of the bridge. officials have been testing the l.e.d. lights. they're said to be state of the
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art, and use half the energy of standard light bulbs. bridge officials say the lights will only need replacing every 10 to 15 years. there are new questions about how close officials were keep be tabs on a convicted sex offender. sandra cope works as a defender. crews searching for her found the woman's body near vacaville. an id on that body is expected to come soon. >> reporter: it is julie. a supervisor confirmed the autopsy is complete, and they have at least a tentative id, but are leaving up to oakland police to make an announcement. some family and friends tell me, they are expecting the worst, and they still want to know what role an ex-boyfriend might have played in sandra's
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disappearance. exactly when did the gps monitor stop sending out information about his location? according to the california department of corrections, a warrant was issued for randy alana last tuesday, for failing to participate in the gps program. oakland police say alana was spotted with sandra. state officials say parole agents would not have waited until tuesday to get a warrant. yet, a law enforcement source tells ktvu, it was randy alana's cell phone information, and not a gps signal that led officers to search in solano county, where they discovered a woman's body. family friends say she recently dated alana. and he recently reached out to her again, asking for help in
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getting his life back together. a law enforcement official says they have alana on video putting gas in her car. investigators came here last week to look at video recorded by these cameras. tonight, a spokesperson for sandra's family say they still had no official word on the identity of the body that's here. but they said they do expect some kind of an announcement tomorrow. live in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. 16-year-old girl kidnapped victim, hannah anderson is back home tonight, surroundedly family and friends. a sign on the back of a friend's van welcomes hannah home. the teen only learned the death of her mother, and brother ethan after she was rescued saturday in the idaho
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wilderness. james dimaggio killed the pair. today, hanna's father asked for privacy. >> for my daughter, the healing process will be slow. she has been through a horrendous ordeal. i'm very proud of her, and i love her very much. >> police say hannah did not go willingly with dimaggio and he fired at least one shot before killed by an agent. the chp says officers arrested a man who was founds wandering near last night's crash on interstate 280. officers say it appears jason quonez was driving that van when he slammed into a tree. the victim's identity still has not been released. a suspected drunk driver plowed into a san francisco
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park, narrowly missing a homeless man. san francisco police say it happened about 1:10 this morning near the corner of 25th and valencia in the mission. the san francisco examiner says the suv launched into the air, sailing over the homeless man. authorities say the woman driving that suv was taken to a hospital before being taken into custody. the parents of a 10-year- old boy who was mauled by a pit bull told us tonight that they were horrified when they first saw their son's face. the boy was attacked yesterday while visiting a friend's house. the family told ktvu's jana katsuyama about the frightening ordeal, and what is expected to be a long recovery. hunter killborn was just playing inside a friend's house in and yoke -- antioch when was attacked by the pit bull. hunter's mom says the dog tore
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into him. his stepfather says it's difficult to see hunter with such violent injuries. >> he's going to have to have many surgeries, skin grafts. it's just a shame. my heartbreaks for him. i just told him i love him, and be strong. he was still in shock. >> hunter's mother says he was walking upstairs to play video games when a pit bull knocked him down the stairs, and another pit bull attacked. she was next door and heard the screams. >> i knew i had to be calm [ inaudible ] >> she says hunter loves swimming, and was looking forward to starting 4th grade this month. at the friend's house today, the dog owners put a sign outside, saying please don't bother us, it's been horrible. we all are dealing with this. the pit bull has been taken in by animal control. hunter's mom says she thinks it
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has attacked before, and wants the dog euthanized. >> to me, it's negligent on his part, knowing you have this dog and you don't do anything about it. >> hunter's friend did try to pull the dogs off of hunter. that friend received a minor bite on the arm, and he's expected to be okay. as for hunter, his next surgery is set for wednesday. jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. south korea's asiana airlines is denying responsibility for last month's deadly crash at sfo. the airline's denial comes in response to a lawsuit. an airline spokeswoman says the payment does not prevent the victims from suing. the out of state van we told you about yesterday. the three members of the group
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breathe owl breathe woke up friday morning to find out someone made off with their van parked in the berkely hills. after people saw their story last night, they received enough donations to buy a used minivan. oakland police located their old minivan, but it had been gutted, and trashed, and totaled. the band members say they plan to head back to michigan tomorrow. >> traveling 800 miles an hour through a tube. a silicon valley ceo reveals his vision of the future. >> toward warmer weather. how high you can expect temperatures to climb where you live tomorrow. >> in 90 seconds, nearly 300 city employees set to you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. workers in one east bay city are preparing to walk off the job tomorrow morning and stage a three day strike. heather holmes is live. >> reporter: kent, retirement. retired employees and replacement workers will be brought in to help fill in the gap, and strike back against concessions. the iconic fountain flowing tomorrow, but it is not expected to be business as usual over the next few days. tonight, members of the seiu,
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local 1021 planned for a three day strike after negotiations between the union and the city reached an impasse. >> we wouldn't be doing this if we had any other choice. this is what we've been forced to do. >> susan phyllis is one of the 80 municipal workers expected to hit the picket lines. department of public works, libraries, and police headquarters, to the 911 dispatch center. union employees here have been without a contract since april, and without a raise since 2010. >> we're saying we can't afford to give you any more. we've reached our limit, and that's why we're fighting. >> we've asked all our employee groups to step up and help the city. >> reporter: the city faces a $2.6 million deficit, and needs union workers to forego raises for five years. >> we're looking for ways that we can retain our employees,
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and continue to provide services, while asking for minimal contributions. >> reporter: she says the union refuses to budge. charging in a letter it has been using delay tactics, intimidation, and other bad faith tactics. >> that is not true. i'd say right back at you. >> reporter: lots of tension in this ongoing labor dispute. i have learned that the union has agreed for those in the 911 dispatch center, and other critical services to remain on the job during this three day strike. reporting live in hayward, heather holmes. no negotiations today. it is not clear when the two sides may sit back down at the table. the latest indications are b.a.r.t. and the unions remain millions of dollars apart on the issues of pay, pension, and healthcare. a judge ordered the cooling off period yesterday. there have been five such periods in b.a.r.t.'s history.
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only one failed to produce an agreement, and led to the 1997 b.a.r.t. strike. in the south bay, the coroners office released a name of the man shot by police. officers say they opened fire on 68-year-old michael nijas when he ran at them. that ended a two hour standoff. the suspect called 911, saying he had just killed someone inside the home. officials have not confirmed if a woman found dead was the man's wife. a notorious boston mobster, captured in california after 16 years on the run was convicted of murder, and racketeering. james whitey bulger was found guilty on 31 counts against him. including 11 of murder. he's planning an appeal, saying he should have been allowed to
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claim immunity for his crimes. sentencing is scheduled for november 13. a big change today in the way drug offenders are prosecuted. he announced the meeting at the american bar association in san francisco. david stevenson explains how the change could keep many low level offenders out of prison. >> reporter: he turned his life around after a san francisco judge placed him in a diversionary program instead of jail. >> i got arrested, i got a second opportunity to be in a program called back on track. it was a lot of good people there to help me out. help me steer right. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney general eric holder says he hopes to steer the central judge system back on track, by changing how they will prosecute minor drug cases. >> certain, low level nonviolent drug offenders who have no ties to gangs or cartels will no longer be
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charged with officials that propose draconian mandatory minimum sentences. >> reporter: those often mean billions spent on overstuffed prisons. holder says the country's prison population has grown by 800% since 1980. san francisco district attorney says the nation's simple possession laws should also be overhauled. >> for cocaine, you're looking at 2, 3, or 4 years. if you have rock cocaine, you're looking at 3, 4, and 5. >> as the so-called war on drugs enters its fifth decade, we have to ask if it had been truly effective. >> reporter: the attorney general today also called for new federal policies, enabling sick, or elderly inmates without a violent past to be released early. former secretary of state hillary clinton also spoke at
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the aba meeting today, making a plea for voting rights. mrs.clinton says america has come a long way to assuring that all citizens are able to vote. she said some people argue that discrimination has been wiped out, so the protections of that law were no longer needed. >> but as justice ginsburg said, that is like throwing away your umbrella in a rain storm, because you are not getting wet. you will soon be soaked. >> reporter: mrs. clinton also received the medal for distinguished service for her efforts to help fight human trafficking. she made no mention whether she plans to run for president in 2016. financial documents filed by sharon sandberg shows show sold $3.7 million worth of her shares of the company stock last week. sandberg had arranged to sell the stock through a plan that
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allows executives to schedule trades in advance, so they won't be accused of using insider information. wall street had a lackluster day. investors didn't seem to have much motivation to buy or sell. the dow lost 5 points on light trading. the nasdaq gained 9. it warmed up a bit out there today. these are the official numbers. got to 90 in antioch, after last week's very cool, drizzly weather. 88 in fairfield. that was today. temperatures tomorrow are going to be slightly warmer. a pretty good onshore wind. but you've still got relief in concord. around the bay, you're going to start to see mid- to upper 70s, the mid-80s will start popping into the inland bay valley. you're going to start seeing low 90s pop up. a warmer day tomorrow, more changes in the forecast. i'll get specific with the
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forecast high for your city tomorrow. be back here at 10:45, we'll see you back here. a frightened mother calls for help when she saw a shark move close to where her 9-year- old son was boogie boarding. this is a photo. a quick acting lifeguard grabbed it. the shark was a salmon shark. they can grow up 08 feet. a new law signed into law today to protect california's transgender student. the debate over a suburban apartment complex. some are comparing to
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billionaire entrepreneur elan loop went live with hyperloop. he released a 57 page release for hyperloop that would propel pods up to 800 miles per hour inside a tube of super heated air like old mail tubes. he says it would be safer than a plane, and makes more sense than a bullet train. he tried to explain the concept. he claims it would cost $6 billion for a california hyperloop, compared to $70 billion, or more for the bullet train. he wants to work on a prototype now, and is willing to invest in this project, but is trying to get other people interested in building it.
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governor jerry brown invested -- talked to a member of the transgender community. >> the bill just became a law. >> reporter: for the first time in california history, trance gender students will have the same opportunities as their fellow classmates. >> they will be able to participate in activities consistent with their gender identity. >> reporter: to the, governor jerry brown signed into law, the school succession opportunity act. it will allow all schools in the state to respect the student's gender identity. allowing them to have access to facilities that match their gender identity. >> there is always a fear that somebody is going to call me out in some restaurant, or in some restroom. >> reporter: something she's
11:26 pm
known her entire life. she says the law is a great thing for the youth who can be themselves without fear. >> it acknowledges that it isn't as clear-cut as all people are male, or all people are female. >> rather than singling out kids specifically who are transgender identitied. this is just a way to make them feel they're just like they're peers. they're treated exactly the same way. officials in telary county have confirmed the 65-year-old was found. her family had reported her missing three days earliewhen she failed to return from a hike. danielle was an attendance clerk. she was an experienced hiker. an autopsy is scheduled to determine how she died. a banana is tossed at a player during a giant's game.
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tonight, an explanation from a fan accused of a racist act. >> if you're asking me if i'd like to see a big monstrous apartment building over there, the answer is no. >> first, hundreds of apartments planned for a bay area suburb. the development that passed the city meeting tonight. >> a reminder that you can get ktvu [ male announcer ] what is performance?
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0 to 60? or 60 to 0? [ tires screech ] how a car performs in a quarter-mile? [ engine revs ] or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving? or the importance... of surviving.
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to us, performance is not about doing one thing well. it is about doing everything well. because in the end... everything matters. the best or nothing. that is what drives us. new at 10:00, residents in lafayette say a proposed apartment complex is too big and will have a damaging effect on the community. noel walker is live in lafayette. >> reporter: ken, we're outside where that city council is taking place right now. take a look inside.
11:30 pm
you can see the room is packed. the public hearing still going on. a large crowd brought out. football is a game of strategy. jockeying for position to get to the end zone. what's happening on this field at lafayette's high school is a lot like what's happening across the street. in this field, a proposed apartment complex development is meeting defense along the way. >> if you ask me if i'd like to see a big monstrous apartment building over there, the answer is no. >> reporter: the proposed terraces would have 315 apartments. stacked vertically, it's the equivalent of the one rim tower in san francisco. >> it's not going to be born by the developer, but by the residents. >> reporter: opponents spoke out tonight's city council
11:31 pm
meeting. >> we are very disappointed with the city action. >> reporter: the developer is appealing an environmental impact report, that echos some residents concerns. >> based upon the size of the project, traffic, the aesthetics, visual impacts. >> we found not everyone is opposed. hiking all around us, just one local parcel like that isn't going to add a whole lot to the open space that we have. >> reporter: in football, somebody has to win. but the game on this field isn't over yet. earlier tonight, the mayor told me he didn't know if they would actually be making a decision on this tonight. what they're deciding is whether or not to certify the environmental impact report. to get some idea of how contention this is. noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. the federal commission that overseas the postal service will hear an appeal to halt the
11:32 pm
sale of the downtown berkely post office. the proposed sale has sparked anger among residents who want to preserve the 99-year-old landmark. mayor tom bates has until september 3 to submit a formal brief and the postal regulatory commission will make a final decision by november 27. as students go back to school, state education officials are working out ways to keep new technology from effecting old testing practices. the state department of education recently warned four bay area schools after photoing were taken online of the star test sheets. one parent said taking phones away from students is a poor option. >> i think they should be put in a box. then who's responsibility is it? it becomes the school's responsibility to replace those if they come up missing.
11:33 pm
>> at this point, they will keep reminding students, taking photos of tests is forbidden. has a special back to school session. you will find school start dates, help saving on your back to school shopping, and many more resources. new at 10:00, a fairfield man is in custody tonight on charges of felony cruelty to an animal. police in fairfield say witnesses watched this morning, as 21-year-old brian cavanah carried a dog into a pond at the city civic center. and repeatedly held it underwater. investigators say he admitted killing the female pit bull mix, but says he doesn't know why. >> put his whole head in the water, he brought him back up
11:34 pm
once and the dog come back and he was like no. >> he was arrested for violating his parole on conviction for assault with a deadly weapon. a powerful typhoon ripped through the philippines today. it packed winds up to 130 miles an hour. at least nine fishermen were reported missing. the storm is expected to hit china on wednesday. in the ukraine, more than 70 people had to be rescued when a tram got stuck in the mountains. the tram was about 500 feet above ground when it stopped. rescue workers say the operation was complicated by strong winds. but they were able to bring everyone down safely. the mexican lettuce processing plant linked to a stomach bug announced today it is suspending operations.
11:35 pm
it's mexican branch will not resume production without approval from the u.s. fda. the suspension allows them to assist federal authorities as they investigate the outbreak. there are limits on quantities. this policy is not connected to any state law. the online evaluation service yelp says it is starting a crackdown on businesses that offer people incentives in exchange for a positive review. yelp is putting what it calls consumer alert badges on the yelp side of those businesses. they may give customers a false perception, and could violate federal trade guidelines. the star wars creator, and his wife are parents of a new
11:36 pm
baby girl. lucas and hobson married june 22 at skywalker ranch in marin. from his hospital bed, a south bay teen recounts a horrific accident that claimed the lives of two close friends. in four minutes, how the police's verse of events differs from that of the young survivers. >> at 10:45, meteorologist bill martin will be back with the warm up he's
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an investigation is underway in san francisco over
11:39 pm
charges of cheating by larry ellison's oracle team u.s.a. officials found extra weight in the team's sail boats that were used in what was called the world series races. that weight by some reports about 5 pounds could have made those boats a little speedier, oracle has withdrawn from those races, retroactively. officials have identified a man who died in a jet-ski crash. the accident occurred yesterday afternoon near bethel island. the coroner identified the victim as 57-year-old andrew whitney of pioneer. his jet-ski and another person's waverunner slammed into each other. both operators had limited experience driving the crafts. people new to jet-skis and other personal watercraft may not realize, you lose all steering when the trotle is released. they take time and distance to come to a complete halt. officials say it is also
11:40 pm
dangerous to follow other vessels too closely, jump their waves, or make other sharp turns. a san jose teen is struggling with physical and emotional pain after a car crash that killed two of his best friends. the teen tells a different story than police about how that scent happened. >> reporter: 17-year-old paul lopez has a metal rod. his pain is more emotional than physical. >> it sucks because it's like, i grew up with them, and it's not going to be the same. >> reporter: the driver, 19- year-old fabian perez died at the scene. 16-year-old salvador fernandez was also killed. >> i just remember passing out,
11:41 pm
and waking up, and seeing like my friends laying on top of me. the car was totaled. >> reporter: lopez believes there may have been a second car involved, and that they swerved to avoid it. he says the girls in the car didn't stick around. >> you have strangers running out of your house. their so-called friends, these girls, they take off? no, that's not right. >> reporter: police say the car was speeding, and lopez admits there was alcohol involved. >> a couple of beers, but that wasn't much. >> reporter: so from his hospital bed at regional medical center, he has a message, he hopes others will take to heart. >> don't drink and drive, because you never know what could happen. >> reporter: police tell us they're not aware of a second car involved in the crash, but the investigation is ongoing. family and friends are planning a fundraiser for the victims this weekend. in san jose, ann reuben, ktvu,
11:42 pm
channel 2 news. guests at a florida resort near disney world said they could hear windows breaking just hours before a sinkhole swallowed party of the building. one 24 unit section collapsed at the summer bay resort in clairemont, florida, while another section continues to sink. more than 100 guests were evacuated. they say they first heard popping noises last night, and the building started to give way a few hours later. police estimate the sinkhole is about 50 feet wide. the baseball world abuzz. calling him a banana throwing bigot. but was he just a frustrated man? >> a steady warm up, into the 90s. find out which day temperatures will hit they're peak. >> a family mourning the death of their 8-year-old daughter, farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart. so you want to drive more safely? stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather.
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the family of layla fowler says the community that once backed them has turned against them. barny fowler, and his son says neighbors and friends that have planned vigils and fundraisers are now harassing the family, after fowler's 12-year-old son isaiah was arrested in connection with the killing of his sister, layla. >> family members and friends trying to find us. >> the sad thing is a lot of people who were great, kind of just turned their back. >> the family says they can't go out in public without enduring stares, finger pointing, and sometimes people taking pictures. a giants fan who threw a banana on the field during the game with the baltimore orioles
11:46 pm
is now facing backlash. the fan now says the incident was a big misunderstanding. >> reporter: adam jones home run was pure baseball. >> that's a fair ball. >> reporter: what happened later, some say is something quite ugly. amos brown is president of the san francisco chapter of the naacp. >> racism is alive and doing well. >> reporter: after the game, andruw jones, who is african american tweeted, i want to thank whatever expletive threw that banana in my direction in center field that last inning, way to show your class. >> we have too many people in this nation who have not found it in their hearts to embrace african americans. >> reporter: the giants issued an apology to jones and the baltimore orioles, saying quote, the inappropriate actions of this individual in no way reflects the values of
11:47 pm
our organization. it happened to brazilian soccer star, roberto carlos in russia. the san jose mercury news is claiming the man claiming to the fan says he threw the banana out of disgust at the giants giants not racism. >> knuckle heads are everywhere. i don't think it's a san francisco thing, or anyone would think that way. >> reporter: the giants say they're still investigating, and they will not confirm that the man who came forward is indeed the now infamous banana tossing fan. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. tell us what you think about yesterday's incident, and today's apology. join the conversation on the ktvu facebook page. a federal judge today dismissed a racial discrimination claim against
11:48 pm
paula deen. a judge ruled lisa jackson cannot claim to be a victim of racial discrimination, because she's white. the other parts of the lawsuit still stand. this summer, deen admitted using the n word in the past. santa clara county officials plan to fog parts of san jose this weekend. after mosquitoes, effected with west nile virus were found there. the fogging area is found in east santonio street as well as north and south jackson street. a santa clara county woman is recuperating after health officials say she became the first person in the county to test positive for west nile this year. there have been 14 cases in humans across the state this year. two of those were fatal. a dog in core dara has recovered from a deer attack, thanks to the generosity of a good samaritan. this is video, sent to ktvu news today of a yellow lab
11:49 pm
named casper, who is partially paralyzed in the attack. the owner sent the video, saying it's because of pool therapy that the dog recovered. he says a woman offered casper the use of her pool after he declined an offer from the same woman to pay his vet bills. a bit warmer out there today, and it will be a bit warmer tomorrow. it's fog out there, but sticking right side to the coast. what that will do is keep a lot of that fog and cool air from making it into those inland bay valleys. tonight, there will be fog along the bay. but it's not going to show up in the livermore valley. the winds are blowing, not that strong. fairfield has got a significant wind at 23 miles per hour. most of the winds are at 5, and 7 miles per hour. the marine layer is less deep. it's not going as far inland tonight. tomorrow is a warmer day, by virtue of the high level
11:50 pm
compressing. there's still fog out there, but not getting very far inland. tomorrow, a warmer day. the forecast highs then, look at the reds, those are 90s. those are the inland bay valleys tomorrow. we'll see low 90s, mid-80s, upper 80s, lots of 70s around the bay. a nice looking day. warmer tomorrow, and warmer as we head into wednesday as well. low pressure has been lingering offshore. that's why we've had such a cool week last week. the last couple of days. as we head into this week, high pressure takes charge. the fog stays at the coast, and the inland bay temperatures get warming up. we'll look at numbers like 93 in vacaville tomorrow. 92 in fairfield. just 83 in napa. 90 in antioch. forecast highs, certainly warmer than they were today. they'll ramp up a little bit more as we head into your wednesday. so 90 in morgan hill. 91 in gilroy. air quality with this, not too bad. fire danger is always high this time of year. no big offshore winds or
11:51 pm
anything. just foggy at the coast, pretty warm to mild around the bay. then warm to hot inland. the five-day forecast then, morning fog tomorrow, but then it warms up, and gets into the low 90s. warmer on wednesday. looks like it might be the warmest day of the next few. thursday and friday, temperatures trend down a bit. inland cities warm up. what does that sound like? summertime in the bay area. it's going to last most of this week, certainly. as we head towards saturday, and late into sunday, temperatures begin to go back into the mid-90s in the warmest spots. joe fonzi is in for mark with sports. the a's and their tight pennant race. >> the daily battle at the top of the american league west continued today. the a's wrapping up a four game
11:52 pm
series. oakland broke through against janson, when alberto callaspo came to the plate. he goes for a two run double. the a's take a 3-1 lead. they weren't finished. steven singled in josh redick. eric sogard's sacrifice fly gave the a's the fourth run in a 5-1 win. relief of dan strayley. yu darvish had a perfect game going with two outs in the 6th, he and everybody in the stadium thinks he has jonathan vilar struck out. he proceeds to walk him. which ruins his perfect game. the catcher has words for kulpa, which earned pierzynski an early exit. the no-hitter and the shutout gone on one pitch, the rangers still won the game, 2-1, and maintained their one game divisional lead over oakland. when we come back, one
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there's always an element of risk when a player takes the
11:56 pm
field. avery sebastian sustained an unspecified injury. in a press release, he is described as resting with movement in all of his extremities, and expected to be released from the hospital soon. sebastian, number 4 for the bears in this game against oregon last year. listed as the starting safety. after their 2012 season, no surprise that there are a lot of new faces in raiders camp this summer. one of them is josh crib. in 8 years with the browns, crib excelled. the raiders found out first and what cribs can do in 2007, when he took a kickoff back 99 yards. in all, he has returned 3 punts and 8 kickoffs for touchdowns. he hopes to do more of the same for oakland. >> my passion, my will, you know, is so great that it
11:57 pm
pushed all the doubt out of the way. it brought my imagination to life. it brought things to life that i never thought was possible. just my will and desire alone. the giants were off today, they're back at it for the first of three in the nation's capitol. tomorrow evening, glorified exhibition games for the giants the rest of the way out at this point. >> how much more time do we have? >> a month and a half. >> is there any hope? >> no. there's hope to try to get some things turned around, and look better for next year and decide what they're going to do in the off-season. >> good way to put it. >> thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu team will have the latest on the striking workers. ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 a.m. we are always here for you at, on twitter, and on your mobile device. thanks for joining us tonight. good night. ♪ [ music ]
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> so prince harry has some competition in the naked department. justin bieber stripped down but not for a bunch of hot chicks. where's grandma? >> she does not want to see your man dong. [laughter] >> selmair


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